About us

Agritrade was established in 2001, and Agrilink in 2008 as a sister company of Agritrade by Işınsu Kestelli. The major field of activity of both companies is vegetable oils. Agritrade is known in the market as a very reliable business partner, providing service to more than 30 clients from multinationals to local companies, mostly from the food sector.

Agritrade easily develops tailor-made modules for each client and is highly flexible in all its operations.

Agritrade is an Izmir-based company but also has an office in Istanbul. Besides, Agritrade is the only palm oil dealer in Turkey who is a holder of Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)* and ISCC** certificates.

*Agritrade’s membership number:
RSPO- 2-0656-16-000-00

**Agritrade membership number: