Personal data application and response procedure


The right to apply to the Data Supervisor (in this procedure, it will be referred to as “Agritrade.”) regarding the 11th article of LPPD in terms of processing personal data has been granted to the people identified in relation to the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”) no. 6698. – The applications relevant to these rights should be directed to our company in writing, or electronic medium and through the methods below in accordance with the 1st clause of the 13th article of LPPD and Rescript of Methods and Principals of Application to the Data Supervisor’s relevant provisions.


In the applications made to our company within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data in accordance with the 5/2nd article of the Rescript of Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Supervisor which went in effect by being published on the Official Gazette numbered 30356 and dated 10.03.2018 information such as name, surname and signature if the application is in writing, T.C. ID number for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, for foreigners nationality, passport number or ID number if available, residence area in relation to declarations or the address of workplace, electronical postal address in relation to notification if available, telephone and fax number and the content of the request are required.

Related person;

  •  by applying to e-mail address by means of using the electronic mail previously notified to Agritrade by the related person and saved in the system of Agritrade. 

Written Applications:

The written applications made to our company, after preparing a copy of the present “Application Form” which contains the aforementioned information and is to be filled out completely with ink signature or preparing an appropriate petition,

  • should be delivered to the Human Resources of our Company in person or with a warrant of attorney that is notarized and shows the person is authorized to apply to the rights within the scope of LPPD a.11 by attorney or through notary or in writing with certified mail by means of sending it to the AKDENİZ MAHALLESİ ATATÜRK CAD. NO: 152/78 KONAK/İZMİR address.

Electronic Applications:

The electronic applications made to our company should be a copy of contain the aforementioned information and is filled out completely

  • by signing it with an electronic or mobile signature that has “secure electronic signature” certification defined in Electronic Signature Law no. 5070 and by means of sending it to the “25999-33874-03772″”which is our Company’s Registered Electronic Mail (REM)
  • By means of sending it through the electronic mail address through one that belongs to the related person and is previously notified to our company by the related person and registered in our Company’s system.

Applications delivered to us, depending on the qualification of the request, will be concluded “as soon as possible and in thirty days the latest” following the day our company receives your request actively, in accordance with the law and in good faith and will be responded to in writing or in electronic medium.

In the case of detection of any deficiencies in your application by our company, in the case of failure to accommodate this deficiency within the seven (7) days the latest following your notification of the deficiency, your request will be suspended until the deficiency is accommodated.

However, if the process requires additional costs, in accordance with the 7th article of the Rescript of Application to Data Supervisor Procedures and Principles, up to ten pages will be free of charge, and for each page over the ten pages will be charged 1,00 Turkish Lira.

It is important that the content of your request is clear, understandable and date-specific. For this reason, it is necessary that the application is made through the aforementioned methods with the present application form filled out correctly by you with no missing required information or documents.